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This week Global Witness published a report on the diamond sector in Zimbabwe which uncovered evidence linking Zimbabwe’s state and security forces to disappearing diamond wealth.

1. In 2018, the EU will chair the Kimberley Process. As the EU’s representative, how will the Commission follow up on the findings of the aforementioned report and hold the process’s participating members accountable? Will the Commission use its position to push for an expansion of the definition of ‘conflict diamonds’ to incorporate a wider range of human rights abuses and conflict financing?

2. According to Global Witness the tenders of Anjin diamonds in Antwerp probably made significant financial resources available to the EU-sanctioned Zimbabwe Defence Industries (ZDI), in violation of EU sanctions. Does the Commission plan to investigate this matter?

3. Zimbabwe will have elections in 2018 and the EU delegation will provide electoral support. However, a private, off-the-books source of income from diamonds allows partisan and oppressive institutions such as the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and the military to operate beyond the effective oversight of Zimbabwe’s Parliament. In previous elections, intimidation from these institutions influenced voters. How does the EU delegation take this into account in its support for the electoral process, as well as in its monitoring and assessment of the elections?

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