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Written question – VP/HR – Expropriation without compensation of white farmers in South Africa – E-003277/2018

The recent constitutional amendment for the purpose of expropriating land without compensation in South Africa for the benefit of the black majority has caused great concern in Europe. Incidents of violence, often fatal, which were already frequent in the past, are constantly on the rise, and target a population on the grounds of its socio-ethnic origin: white farmers. The incitement to hatred, violence and theft expressed by the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, only worsens the situation. The case of Zimbabwe can be held up as an example of the dire security and economic consequences that such political decisions may entail.

1. What is the status of records on visits by European Union officials to South Africa?

2. Is the VP/HR planning any diplomatic action in favour of the security of the white minority in the country?