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The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) groups together two thirds of United Nations member states. The vast majority of the 120 member states come from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, as well as 26 Latin American countries that joined during the 1980s. Their role in world geopolitics is to counterbalance the global governance of the major powers — the United States and Europe — from the United Nations. NAM is a space for global economic, political and financial cooperation. It is not an insignificant entity, as NAM countries represent 55% of the global population, control the largest number of fresh water reserves on the planet, the largest number of oil and gas reserves, along with strategic minerals for global industries and 65% of arable land for food production.

Venezuela currently holds the pro tempore Chair of this international body, bringing together the majority of countries where irregularities, financial, political and media threats exist: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Serbia, Libya, etc.

Given the importance of all of this, does the EU maintain relations with NAM?