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THE Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions (ZFTU) says workers should pressurise President Robert Mugabe to revoke the Supreme Court July 17 labour judgment because “talking is not enough” and “will not stop” employers from sacking people.

Addressing journalists in Harare Thursday ZFTU secretary general Kennias Shamuyarira said 16,000 workers have so far been affected by the controversial ruling.

“We have letters from employees who are being fired and the employers are using vague language.

“Yes, the President has spoken but it is not enough. Workers should tell him to finish the job which he has started by invoking the judgment, because employers are sacking workers,” said Shamuyarira.

President Robert Mugabe on Thursday said the law was “an ass”, describing the Chidyausiku labour judgment which he said was anti-poor.

Mugabe said there was an urgent need for the revision of the labour laws so that they suit the new Constitution.

The ZFTU boss said both Zanu PF and the MDC-T were responsible for the sacking of workers by employers.

“Zanu PF and MDC are to blame because they are the ones with a junk of people in the Parliament.

“They (MPs) are busy eating in Parliament while workers who voted for them are languishing,” Shamuyarira said.

“I have been hearing finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa saying he wants to cut the wage bill of the civil service and what that means is firing workers.

“We have politicians who own much of the few remaining resources who want to abuse workers. They are capitalists. There are a bunch of hypocrites, I will not regret for my words and I am ready to be taken anywhere and tried for my words.”

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