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Pole dancer-cum-musician Beverly "Bev" Sibanda has rubbished claims that she was a spent force following the coming in of new players, saying her gyrating prowess and history of excellence speaks for itself.

Speaking to The Standard Style on Friday, the 25-year-old mother of one said she had set the bar too high and all her competitors, whom she claimed try to use her name for personal expediency could not match her.

"Some are just searching for publicity in newspapers using my name to gain mileage but still, even if they do that we set the pace a long time ago and it does not affect me. I actually want the top brass because I passed through many obstacles to get where I am," she said.

"I fear no one, we just meet on the stage."

On widespread comparisons with yesteryear sensation Sandra Ndebele, Bev said it defied logic to compare the two as she was a cut above the rest.

"I rated her a long time ago and I cannot compete with Sandra because she had her time and it passed then but now it is my time because I am not married while she has a husband," she said.

"What she is doing is okay because she is a married woman and our work is done in bars and you know what drunkards do."

The two will face off tomorrow night when they perform at a jam session dubbed "Bulawayo meets Harare" at the City Sports Bar in what could prove who really owns the crown.

Although she is armed with a music album and a couple of singles, what she is well-known for are her sexually-charged dance moves.

She, however, aims to achieve success on the music front when she fuses it with her art.

"I am going forward with my music because I was into dancing only when I started, so picking up the microphone and singing live was hard but it is now flowing well," said Bev.

With her dancing career muddled by frequent arrests, scandals and even a controversial conversion at a renowned local prophet's church, there is no doubt Bev has seen it all in the trade, but the pole queen dancer is keen on diversifying further.

Luckily for her, even foreign-based promoters are jostling for her services. This year she has travelled twice to South Africa in addition to a UK tour and she claims dancers there are threatened by her presence.

"Dancers from that side [South Africa] now fear me, especially when I go to Baseline, they quiver because I am stiff competition for them, so they know it will be tense. When I go there I get money because I am the reigning dancehall queen," she said.

"So they will be scared that I am there; this is my second time [going to SA] this year and that is the same story even in the UK."

Source: Zimbabwe Standard.