HARARE, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says the government will consider setting up a fund which will be used to assist families of fallen and living heroes.

Zimbabwe has thousands of former liberation war fighters who require State assistance as some of them no longer have gainful employment.

Speaking at the National Heroes Acre during commemorations to mark this year's Heroes Day Monday, President Mugabe said the fund would be one way of showing gratitude to the sacrifices made by the heroes to liberate the country from colonial bondage.

"Today, we gather at the national shrine and at other shrines across the country to pay tribute to all our heroes wherever they lie buried. On this solemn occasion for our nation we gather to honour men and women who sacrificed and dedicated themselves in search of freedom and independence," he said.

"You will agree with me that our heroes were the best of our nation at a difficult period, the best of our nation who thus deserve recognition in a very special way by all of us."

President Mugabe said current support rendered to war veterans was inadequate hence the need for further support. "The children who were left behind, even the families of some war veterans we still have around are suffering," he said. "'So we would want that fund in place to help the families of war veterans who died and those who are still alive."

Meanwhile, President Mugabe said Zimbabweans should maintain peace as a tribute to the nation's heroes. Castigating the recent clashes between unidentified members of the Zimbabwe National Army and the police, President Mugabe said such incidents were a betrayal of the virtues espoused by the country's heroes.

"That incident when a few soldiers took to the streets to beat policemen is regrattable. I have discussed it with the commanders and asked that they talk about it and try to prevent its recurrence. If soldiers and the police are at cross purposes and going at each other how will they prevent people who are at cross purposes from going at each other?"


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