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A police officer and his sister stand accused of defeating the course of justice after they allegedly protected a suspected murderer who is on the run for shooting three police officers who were investigating a poaching case in Chipinge in November last year.

Clebious Kanyoka, attached to the Community Relations Liason Section at Harare Central Police Station, and Naume Nziramasanga were recently arrested on allegations of supplying information to their brother, Gadreck Nziramasanga, who is wanted for murder.

Kanyoka is alleged to have been supplying him with information on any latest investigations that were being carried out on his case so that he would evade arrest.

Nziramasanga is still on the run.

Kanyoka and Naume appeared before magistrate Ms Jessy Kufa who remanded them to today for trial commencement.

Representing the State, Mrs Idah Mateke-Maromo with the assistance of Mr Desire Chidanire, alleges that on November 24 last year Gadreck Nziramasanga shot and killed three police officers in Chipinge.

According to the State, the three officers were on duty investigating a case of poaching.

Soon after the shooting, Nziramasanga escaped and is still on the run.

Police detectives were tipped that Kanyoka and Naume were communicating with Nziramasanga.

Kanyoka was invited to CID Homicide for questioning and he denied knowing and communicating with Nziramasanga.

He was then released but further investigations revealed that Kanyoka and Nziramasanga were brothers. The detectives again asked Kanyoka to report to their offices for questioning on November 30.

Investigations revealed that Kanyoka and Naume were indeed related to Nziramasanga and were in constant touch with him.

It was also discovered that Kanyoka was supplying Nziramasanga with information he would have gathered from the police.

Kanyoka was also supplying Nziramasanga with money and airtime for his mobile phone.

Kanyoka was subsequently arrested and he implicated his sister Naume.

Source: The Herald