National Politics

Zimbabwe gears up for 2023 election amid economic woes

HARARE— Zimbabwe’s main political parties have started preparing for the country’s general elections in 2023 as they hold rallies and campaign activities in cities and towns to whip up their support bases.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has yet to announce the exact date for the vote, but it has revealed that it would be held in either July or August 2023. The 2018 election took place on July 31.

The main political parties for the 2023 elections remain the Zanu-PF, which has been in power since independence in 1980, and the opposition Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC), formed early this year and led by Nelson Chamisa.

In its latest report, the Zimbabwe Human Rights non-governmental organisation (ZHRNGO Forum) revealed taht violence was once again showing its ugly head, as protagonists employ dirty tactics to gain both political and electoral advantage.

A total of 1,901 politically motivated cases have been recorded so far, as calls for solutions to the deepening polarisation and political intolerance escalate ahead of the 2023 general elections.