HARARE, Feb 22- Primary and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora said the Zimbabwean government will next Monday start constructing a school for children whose families were affected by flooding in the Tokwe Mukosi area.

Villagers living along the flood basin of the dam had to be evacuated after water, escaping from cracks in the dam wall, flooded the river that flows directly towards the villages.

This forced the government to declare the area a state disaster, fearing the dam wall would burst and sweep away thousands of people in its path.

Over 2,514 victims have been affected by the floods.

At least 781 of the families have been relocated while the remainder has been moved to higher ground and are temporarily sheltered at Chingwizi Holding Camp.

Dokora said over 1,000 school children were affected by the disaster and the government would start setting up school structures in the resettlement camp on Monday.

“There are over 1,000 primary school children there. At the moment we are trying to get them together and doing preliminary work just to organise them to keep them together.

“But we have been given a directive that we should immediately start constructing a school for them,” he said, adding all the required building materials were available.

“They should be starting construction next week. Learning will start next week as well under tents but as soon as the structures start to emerge we will move them.

“We have enough cement, the Ministry of Mines has given us 10,000 bags of cement, we have got funds from the education development funds for the project,” he said.

The government has since appealed for US$20 million to urgently evacuate, relocate, shelter and provide safe water and other basic needs to 60 000 people in the Tokwe-Mukosi Dam flood basin in Chivi, Masvingo.

About 20 000 people within the dam basin are at high risk while another 40,000 downstream are at medium risk of flooding.

Source: New Ziana