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1418: Cde Sandi Moyo has finished her address marking an end to proceedings here as well as our updates.

1416: Cde Sandi Moyo says as Women's League, they are fully behind President Mugabe and they are happy he is delivering

1412: I also want to tell you that Zanu PF is mother body of politics in Zimbabwe. This party liberated Zimbabwe.

1410: Cde Chipanga has paved way for Cde Sandi Moyo to address party members gathered here.

"I am just passing a message from Amai. She asked me to greet you. How are you?"

1407: The youth leader has attacked #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka movements for causing chaos in the country.

"You go around saying majamuka, let me tell you, takajamuka kare. Our President is delivering and you want to disturb him. Be warned."

1406: "We want to thank President for availing land to us. So, Cdes, let us meet here next month and meet President Mugabe," he said.

To curb corruption, Cde Chipanga has proposed that the allocation of stands be moved from party headquarters.

1403: He has called on national youth commissar to organise ground breaking ceremonies at the said pieces of land.

1353: Pieces of land have been availed at Chishawasha 300 hectares, Harare South 500 hectares and Norton 200 hectares

"This is what you have been given so far Cdes. This is not for party leaders but for you youths," says Cde Chipanga.

1351: Another 1 300 hectares will be availed very soon again in Bulawayo. Cde Chipanga has said President Mugabe has availed 1000 hectares of land for residential stands here in Harare.

"Now that land has been availed. We do not want to work with corrupt officials. Taneta neCorruption," he said.

1347: Cde Chipanga says President Mugabe heard the plea for residential stands and has availed a farm for subdivision.

"These stands are not meant for Zanu PF members only but everyone. Already, 300 hectares has been availed in Bulawayo.

1344: He has encouraged youths to apply for mining claims and mine gold legally because minerals belong to Zimbabweans

1342: "We are meeting today following a successful One Man Million March. Thank you very much for the support," says Cde Chipanga

1338: Deputy Secretary for Youth League thanks members of other organs of the party for coming here adding that the presence of Women's League is a strong sign that the two are just but one component.

1337: Youths led by Women's League member Cde Mahoka break into song 'VaMugabe iCremora muviri wese,' as Cde Sandi Moyo takes to the podium to greet the crowd.

1334: Cde Chipanga is now introducing senior party leadership among them Cdes Tambudzani Mohadi, Sarah Mahoka, Miriam Chikukwa, Thokozile Mathuthu and Sandi Moyo

1329: Minister of State for Harare Provincial Affairs Cde Miriam Chikukwa is also here at the launch.

1325: Cde Chinotimba breaks into song, 'iZanu PF chete yakamirira zvido zvevanhu,' as youth sing along.

1324: He recognises the presence of Buhera South MP Cde Joseph Chinotimba and requests that he greets youths gathered here.

1315: Cde Chipanga takes to the podium to make his key note address as youth league members burst into song, 'Regai vatonge Baba.'

1311: Youths have expressed concern over corrupt land dealings and asserted that they are President Mugabe's watchdogs adding that they will not hesitate to apprehend those found wanting.

1309: "Panevanhu varikutyityidzira President vedu. We do not want that. We are the ones who voted him to power. We want to appeal to Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner General Dr Augustine Chihuri. Next time, when these pastors do their funny acts, stand aside and let us deal with them," said Cde Innocent Hamandishe, national youth commissar

1307: The launch of the housing project comes against the backdrop of sporadic protests by protestors under the ambit of #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka movements. The movements have accused the Government of failing to provide for the masses.

1258: Youth Members of Parliament have taken turns to castigate fake pastors and opposition movements who in the past few weeks have been organising demonstrations against the country's leadership.

1240: The gathering will be addressed by Deputy Secretary for National Youth League, Cde Kudzai Chipanga.

1236: Thousands of Zanu PF Youth League members are gathered at the party headquarters for the launch of Zanu PF housing project. They marched from the ruling party's Harare provincial office.

Source: The Herald.