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United Family International Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa on Friday said he decided to move his annual all night prayer meeting dubbed the Judgement Night 4 to the outskirts of Harare after God told him the capital would be covered in mist, in apparent reference to teargas and protests rocking the city.

Police last week teargassed Harare residents indiscriminately in an attempt to break a High Court sanctioned demonstration by 18 opposition parties that were demanding electoral reforms.

Makandiwa has held previous prayer meetings at the National Sports Stadium but Friday's event was moved to UFIC headquarters in Mt Hampden. He said he got the vision about the mist last year.

"We knew it just before Judgement Night 3 when we were having a meeting assessing how it went," he said.

"We set this date last year and God told me that you will be doing it in the midst of a mist and God said move away from the mist. Go far away."

Makandiwa has in the past prophesised about chaos in Zimbabwe. He told the congregants that he was praying for them to come out of poverty.

"I picked something in the spirit. God said those who are able to attend do all that you can to make them. They will come and present themselves before me," he said.

"Do a process and pluck poverty out of their lives. Even if you are sleeping your life will still change.".

Preaching to an estimated 60 000 church followers, Makandiwa said Zimbabwe could not take pride in using another country's currency or the proposed bond notes.

"The US dollar is good, but it is not your currency, just like the bond notes," he said.

Government plans to introduce bond notes this year to mitigate the current cash shortages. The bond notes would be backed by a $200 million Afreximbank facility.

Despite widespread resistance, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya has maintained that the central bank would forge ahead with plans to introduce the notes in October.

Makandiwa early this year said the country should have its own currency backed by gold reserves.

On Friday, the UFIC founder said while Africa was endowed with mineral resources, it remained poor and infested with evil spirits.

He said where ever there was a concentration of mineral resources, like the situation in Africa; there would also be a concentration of evil spirits.

"In Africa, we have everything that we need, but look at you. If Africa was taken away from the Africans, you will be amazed with what Africa can produce," Makandiwa said.

He said God loved Africa from the beginning, but the status of the continent had Biblical origins.

Makandiwa added that Africans lacked confidence in themselves and wanted to depend on foreigners in the form of investors, an issue that had its origins in Egypt when Pharaoh depended on the Israelites and didn't want them to leave the continent when God wanted them to.

Foreigners, Makandiwa said, had information about Africa's mineral resources after taking aerial maps, but were waiting to bounce back on continent for the resources after Africa's population is decimated.

"Even when the colonisers came, they came with a bible in one hand and a map in the other hand. The map had all the information on the mineral resources of the continent," he said.

"They turned the areas with minerals into game parks to preserve them so that they will come for it when Jesus comes, because Jesus said you should trade.

"A baboon is sitting on your mineral riches somewhere in the park right now, and the whites will come for it one day," he said.

Meanwhile, the church witnessed the presentation of babies that were conceived after Judgement Night 3 after Makandiwa called for an altar call for people who were barren.

UFIC pastor Ado Nyakudya said the church had received reports from all over the world of 700 babies that were born after Judgement Night 3 prayers.

Musicians that included Leonard Zhakata, Lawrence Gunda, Michael Mahendere, Herbert Chigumira, UFIC choir and others entertained the crowds during the night.

The service was attended by people from all over the world and politicians that included councillor Musa Gwasira, Brighton Matonga and Psychology Maziwisa, among others.

Source: Zimbabwe Standard.