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A local man was sentenced to five months imprisonment after he was convicted of assaulting his wife with an empty bottle on the face injuring her in the process.

Mike Mudhenda, 32, of Dangamvura Area 15 pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting his wife Beatrice Taruona, 29, at their matrimonial home.

Magistrate Nyasha Kuture said Mudhenda was not a first time offender and a custodial sentence was appropriate since a fine would trivialize the matter.

"You are not a first time offender; it means whatever sentences you had been given in previous trials made no significant correction on your behaviour. I will, therefore, sentence you to five months imprisonment," said Kuture.

Mudhenda was slapped with a $100 fine in the previous conviction by the same court.

Taruona had previously dropped three charges against Mudhenda, court records show.

According to prosecutors, Taruona came back from work and started drinking alcohol.

Mudhenda later came and the two had a misunderstanding with the husband accusing Taruona of always reporting to her mother about their matrimonial disputes.

A fist fight ensued and their maid heard some noises and went to investigate but did not take action.

Taruona later phoned her mother who accompanied her to the police leading to Mudhenda's arrest.

Mudhenda admitted that they had a quarrel and he assaulted his wife with a fist and an empty bottle on the face.

Source: New Zimbabwe