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A Facebook war has erupted between Harare Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni and Harare Residents Trust over the delay in appointing a new town clerk, with the latter accusing council of being run by egocentric individuals bent on derailing council business. Clr Manyenyeni, however, responded saying all due processes were followed through the use of the Constitution of Zimbabwe "and all these gangsters know that".

HTR director Mr Precious Shumba hit back saying the hunt for the new town clerk has been reduced to a partisan contest where a small clique pushing its business deals outside Town House is trying to influence who becomes the next town clerk.

He said "either whisky drinking binges, nor golf tournaments associations will win the battle" and said the town clerk should not be either a known Zanu-PF or MDC-T associate.

"The Local Government Board (LGB) is currently the authority tasked to finalise the appointment of senior council workers in any local authority in Zimbabwe. Harare City Council is being led by people who have this 'I know it all' attitude. This is why now Bulawayo City Council has followed the procedure and have appointed a new town clerk without any problems.

"Unfortunately, we have a mayor who considers relationships more superior to processes. On this matter we totally disagree with the mayor.

"The mayor cannot redefine Local Government without first influencing the Executive or Parliament to push through the necessary amendments to the local government laws.

"This refusal to listen to reason has led us to where we are today. And the result is that now with the Local Government Amendment Laws Bill having passed through the Legislature, and waiting for the President's signature, the mayor and his fellow councillors risk being booted out before the expiry of their term, to the detriment of representative democracy," he said.

Clr Manyenyeni, in his defence, warned Mr Shumba against speaking on behalf of an "interested party" and suggested that he should separate the proper resident stakeholder issues from "your personal stuff".

He defended his earlier position of appointing Mr James Mushore as the new town clerk saying the process was the most elaborate and diverse ever undertaken in the recruitment of a CEO in the public sector since 1980.

Clr Manyenyeni said HRT should know "who brings the politics to Town House" and said he tried to be mayor of the city and not of the party.

Harare appointed Mr Mushore as the new town clerk in March, but his appointment was rescinded by Government citing irregularities in the process.

Source: The Herald.