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Montclair Charity Casino last Friday unveiled a promotion where lucky punters will win three trucks in separate draws to be conducted between next month and December this year. Addressing punters at Wing Wah Restaurant in Harare, Montclair Casino acting chief executive Mr William Nyemba said the promotion presents an opportunity for punters to win three trucks."In line with the country's Zimasset blueprint we thought of promoting our farmers by affording them an opportunity to win trucks which they will use in their business.

"One truck will be based in Nyanga and those who want to win it will have to participate in Nyanga while two trucks will be at this restaurant," he said.

"To enter the competition one has to participate to the minimum value of $20. There are three numbers that are picked daily and with different prizes but automatically qualifying for the truck draw for a value of $20 and above.

"For the one-tonne trucks the first draw will be held September 30 in Harare while the second will be drawn December 9 2016 in Nyanga and this one will be for those punters who play at Montclair Hotel casino," he said.

The eight-tonne truck will be drawn for on December 16 2016.

Montclair Casino Chairman Bongai Zamchiya said the proceeds would be channelled towards supporting the under-privileged.

Source: The Herald.