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Churches have endorsed the National Pledge and recommended that the pledge should not be recited only in schools but all public fora. This also comes amid revelations that Government has not banned Scripture Union or any church involvement in schools across the country.

Following the introduction of the national pledge in April this year, the private media has been awash with reports that some trivial churches were revolting against the pledge, claiming it was a direct affront on Christianity.

Addressing the media after a closed door meeting with the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Lazarus Dokora, in the capital yesterday, Church Elders spokesperson Apostle Dr Alexander Chisango said church leaders supported the concept of the national pledge.

"So our position on the national schools pledge was happening mostly through social media rather than direct engagement with the responsible ministry, and having engaged directly we came to a point of understanding on what the ministry sought to achieve which falls within the general global practice," he said.

"The purpose is obviously to forge cohesion as well as to end many social ills affecting the nation. Nonetheless and admittedly, the initiative has been met with some suspicion, divisions and resistance from various sections of the nation.

"We have observed that part of the arguments against the current national schools pledge revolve around the consultation process and few content or theological aspects and the application more than the concept itself."

He said the church would deliberate on establishing the national pledge as a concept for all public fora.

"We propose that Church Elders will assist Government to facilitate a quick and cross-cutting consultation about an acceptable national pledge process and content but remaining constitutionally aligned in the whole output," said Apostle Chisango.

"Part of the consultation will seek to establish answers to questions such as whether the national pledge should be for schools only or for all public forums."

Church Elders hailed Government for supporting their involvement in schools.

"The minister has further assured us that the status quo will continue and we are relieved because the Church in Zimbabwe has throughout history been and still is with all tolerance and inclusiveness standing as the main pillar and partner to the Government and Zimbabwe's families in the field of education."

Speaking during the same occasion, Minister Dokora said the engagement with church elders was a "happy moment" for the nation as Government had managed to settle all burning issues in regard to the acceptance of the national pledge by different religious institutions.

The Church Elders comprise leaders from across the religious spectrum - Pentecostal, Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Independent African Churches and others.

Source: The Herald