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HARARE, A leading opposition MP in Zimbabwe has been charged with subverting a constitutional government by alluding to the overthrow of President Emmerson Mnangagwa before the next elections.

Job Sikhala, who serves as the vice-chair of the main opposition party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), could face up to 20 years in jail if convicted for his comments made at a rally over the weekend.

His lawyer says he denies the charges.

In a video recording, Sikhala says that the MDC wants to give the ruling Zanu-PF party headaches.

The war and the fight we're going to take to the doorsteps of Emmerson Mnangagwa. We're going to overthrow him before 2023. That's not a joke We can't have a government that keeps intimidating citizens in their homes, he told supporters.

The MDC and its leader Nelson Chamisa continue to contest President Mnangagwa's 2018 election victory and have refused to recognise his presidency.

But the MDC described Sikhala's comments as his own personal opinions, which we believe have been misconstrued and misinterpreted.

The MDC wishes to state unequivocally that it has always submitted itself to the cardinal values of legality, constitutionalism and democracy. Any attempt to portray the MDC in any other way is disingenuous and unfortunate, the party said.

Sikhala is expected to appear in court on Wednesday for a bail hearing.

Over the years the state has struggled to secure a conviction on the subversion charge. Critics say the law has been used to silence the opposition.

Source: NAM News Network