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People from different walks of life have called on the police to act on dancehall musician Sandra Muchaneta Gazi, known as Lady Squanda, who recorded a one-minute video assaulting comedian Tatenda Matika.

Matika, who is known as Skimbo, reported the matter at St Mary's Police Station under case number RRB 2824388.

The video has gone viral on social media with people calling the police to arrest the controversial musician.

The assault is believed to have been a retaliation to Matika's video skit on which he lampoons Lady Squanda for allegedly stealing undergarments and towels at a Kwekwe lodge.

The video shows the comedian being beaten and forced to lick the musician's foot.

Narrating his ordeal, Skimbo said the musician called him asking for a collaboration and he agreed.

Squanda reportedly visited Matika at his place and asked him to get in her car and listen to the song they were to collaborate on.

Upon getting into the car, Squanda, who was accompanied by three men, drove off and parked in St Mary's where the assault happened before they dumped him.

"They were recording the video while beating me. She also said I would be arrested since she is well connected," he said.

Legal experts yesterday said the dancehall musician should be charged with assault.

David Ngwerume of Mukwena and Ngwerume Associates said the artiste must be arrested for defamation injuria damages.

"She must be arrested because that is inhuman and degrading treatment and she must therefore get arrested," said Ngwerume who is also an artiste.

Another lawyer Bangidza Anesu said the matter relates to assault and kidnapping.

"I believe that is assault and to a certain extent kidnapping as they have clearly deprived him of his liberty," he said.

Renowned female dancer and actress Enisia Mashusha of Mambokadzi leader lashed at Squanda yesterday saying she must be arrested.

"As a woman in arts I don't condone such behaviour done by a woman artiste, worse still to another artiste. What this woman who calls herself Lady Squanda has done is a disgrace in our society and to the arts fraternity as a whole. Stop spoiling women in arts the sector please," she said.

Several artistes blasted her for her actions saying she must face the law.

Promoter Simbarashe Chakari said they have dropped Squanda from their Body Slam UK tour that will be held in September.

"Her behaviour is not welcome in our society and she must be condemned for that.

"We have dropped her from our tour in September," he said.

Plot Mhako, a journalist and artiste, said she must be arrested.

"Lady Squanda must be arrested. This is evil, barbaric and utter stupid. The dancehall artiste is overheard and partially seen in this video torturing Skimbo 'Ziso Regondo' Matika, beating him up and making him lick her foot.

"I am verifying the actual details behind this inhuman act. I will never play her music, hire her or attend her shows. I hope she gets arrested for this. I am outraged," said Mhako.

Contacted for comment, Lady Squanda was not apologetic about her actions saying she has been wronged by Skimbo.

"He has been dissing me for some time now. Ndirikuda kutomuwedzera kupfuura ipapo," she said before hanging up her phone.

Source: The Herald.