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Churches must be instigators of peace and should desist from meddling in the political affairs of the country causing violence and instability, police Chaplin-General has said.

The minister of religion, who delivered the opening prayer at the Heroes' Day commemorations at the National Heroes Acre in Harare yesterday, Assistant Commissioner Jeremiah Doyce said some churches have gone astray as they were descending into the political domain where they do not belong.

"As churches, the Bible says, we should pray for our nation as well as our leaders such as President Mugabe, service chiefs, ministers and MPs," said Asst Comm Doyce.

President Mugabe, he said, was ordained by God to lead this country and people should respect that. He took a swipe at some churches that have traded the Bible for street protests against Government. This comes as opposition activists masquerading as pastors recently called on peaceful Zimbabweans to demonstrate against a constitutionally elected Government.

However, the protests flopped as peaceful Zimbabweans did not heed the unsanctioned calls.

Asst Comm Doyce called on all Zimbabweans to counter all negative calls for regime change by engaging in activities which empower them economically.

He said as churches, they should never be "salt-less" and that they should be the light and salt of the nation.

"We need people who stand in the gap such as Christians and politicians who are developmental and not destructive," he said.

"We have a problem with people who begin to preach about potholes and police roadblocks in the church. Those who were given farms, haikona kuita toyi- toyi muroad, (Do not waste time engaging in pointless demonstrations).

"You should spend your time being productive in the fields or grounds."

Asst Comm Doyce said Zimbabweans must defend their hard-won independence by defending their economic gains against imperialists.

"Now people must stand in the gap of sanctions as we have been robbed and plundered by the whites through economic sanctions."

Meanwhile, a union of church leaders under the #MyZimbabwePrayer banner invited clerics to the official launch of the campaign in Harare on Wednesday.

The convocation is a call for church leaders for to pray for the nation, Government and President Mugabe.

Reverend Sam Malunga of the Tehila Christian Network, who is also a co-chairperson of the #MyZimbabwePrayer initiative, urged all church leaders to attend the launch and gather to reverse stunts taken by pseudo clerics in detracting the nation.

Source: The Herald