HARARE-- President Emmerson Mnangagwa says he will meet with successfully other nominated candidates for president after June 14 to ensure to a free, fair and non-violent forthcoming election on July 30.

Zimbabwe will hold its general election on July 30 and the Nomination Court for the poll sits in five days time.

Since his inauguration last November, after President Robert Mugabe stepped down, President Mnangagwa has consistently called for peaceful elections, and announced intentions to meet his rivals to agree on this.

Addressing thousands of party supporters in Motoko in Mashonaland East province over the weekened, President Mnangagwa, the leader of the ruling Zanu PF party, said the meeting with other presidential candidates would take place after June 14, when the Nomination Courts sits and when it would known if all those who have registered political parties will be successfully nominated to compete in the elections.

That is when I will meet every leader, including myself as the leader of Zanu PF, so that we commit ourselves to non-violence, to a clean campaign, a free election, a credible election.

Previous polls were characterised by high levels of political violence between the main political parties

President Mnangagwa said the government had opened up the July 30 elections to international scrutiny by inviting observers from around the globe, as authorities were confident the country's politics had matured to be able to hold free, fair and violence free elections.

He told the Zanu PF supporters the party had massive support such that it was not necessary to engage in confrontation with the opposition to win. Why would we want to fight with small parties, let them go about their campaign business. We want no violence, we want free, fair and credible elections, he said.