HARARE -- The visiting president of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Roger Nkodo Dang, has urged Zimbabweans to take heed of the message of peace and unity which their head of State, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is preaching as the country gears for a general election in a few months' time.

Dang, who is a member of the Cameroonian National Assembly, was speaking in Harare Monday in the course of his two-day visit with his delegation. In light of the impending elections, President Mnangagwa has exhorted Zimbabweans to desist from political violence, which has characterised past elections.

President Mnangagwa has promised to organize peaceful, free, fair and credible elections which international observers including the United Nations, European Union (EU) and other interested parties will be welcome to observe, a departure from the government of former President Robert Mugabe which barred countries which it perceived as hostile to it.

Dang told the media after meeting President Mnangagwa that they had discussed the impending elections. "I want to appeal to the population of Zimbabwe to look in the same direction like the Head of State to get free and credible elections in the next few months because he promised that the country is going to hold a general election. It is very important," he said.

Dang praised Zimbabweans for displaying maturity and being peaceful after the military intervened last year in government affairs to address a political situation which it said was threatening to degenerate into violent conflict.

The military intervention ultimately resulted in former President Mugabe resigning and President Mnangagwa taking over.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, who accompanied Dang to meet President Mnangagwa, said the PAP was satisfied that the change of government in Zimbabwe was done in line with the Zimbabwean Constitution.

"The PAP president expressed his gratitude and congratulations to His Excellency the President for the smooth transition of government from the old to the new and that the change was done within the context of

our Constitution," he added.