HARARE, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has rallied his Cabinet Ministers to remain united and work as a team to deliver what is expected of them by the people.

Addressing members of his Cabinet, who gathered to deliver belated 93rd birthday gifts to him here Monday, he warned his top officials not to let ambitions cloud their judgement while expressing concern on what appeared to be divisions in the team. He celebrated his birthday on Feb 21.

"Humility is a characteristic that very few people have and our leadership must have it," President Mugabe said in an

appreciation speech. "I say so because just now, we appear to be in sixes and sevens because of ambitions. Let us work for the people as the people want us to work for them."

President Mugabe said the same team spirit that had seen Cabinet members contributing resources to buy the gifts, must continue to be reflected in their work, while guarding against unbridled ambition. "Let us recognize that it is the people we work for. Ambitions should not affect our commitment," the Head of State said.

The belated birthday presents consisted of a massage chair, a nine-carat gold watch and a nine-carat gold pen.

President Mugabe also slammed top officials in the ruling Zanu PF party for using "primitive" means to de-campaign each other, disregarding laid down procedures to address grievances. He deplored the use of the media and demonstrations to discredit other party members.

He said this in reference to an onslaught against Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, who has been in the public spotlight for allegedly fanning divisions and planning to topple President Mugabe.

"This and that in the papers, and now demonstrations (against Kasukuwere) that is not the Zanu PF way," President Mugabe said. "This is a primitive way of doing things, we are a dignified party."

President Mugabe said this as thousands of people were in Bindura, over 100 kilometres away from Harare, demonstrating against Kasukuwere, who is the Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister as well as against his half-brother, Dickson Mafios, who is the Mashonaland Central province Zanu PF chairman.

The demonstrators demanded that the two brothers be fired from their positions and expelled from the party.

However, President Mugabe said the party had laid down disciplinary procedures which must be followed to bring wrong doers to book, with some having been suspended and expelled before.

He said while he did not condone what Kasukuwere is alleged to have done, there were better ways to handle the matter.

"He is a member of Cabinet and if he has done wrong, there is a dignified way of doing things," President Mugabe said.