With Zimbabwe's elections just two years away, five smaller opposition parties have formed a coalition.

The Coalition of Democrats (CODE) will work together to try to unseat long serving President, Robert Mugabe.

The group says it's ready to work with any progressive political party that is unhappy with the state of the country and opposed to the current government.

The main opposition parties led by Morgan Tsvangirai and People First's Joice Mujuru have indicated they are not ready to join the group.

CODE comes after months of negotiations and will be chaired by each party leader on a rotational basis.

Chairperson Gilbert Dzikiti says, "We come in our diversity with the common desire to change the fortunes of our country and unite under the framework of Coalition for Democrats or CODE."

The Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) party led by liberation war General, Dumiso Dabengwa, is yet to sign on as is Tendai Biti, the former Finance Minister, who leads the breakaway People's Democratic Party.

They say they need to hold internal consultations first.

Without two main figures of the opposition, Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru, the coalition could struggle.

The five parties are mostly splinter groups and only Welshman Ncube's Movement for Democratic Change has seats in parliament.

The party leaders say past violence between some of their members and the fractious politics that weakened the oppositions' fight to unseat President Mugabe are in the past.

CODE says it will field a single presidential candidate in the 2018 elections and at all election levels.

Source: Nam News Network