Protesters’ Arrests Seen Fueling Zimbabwe Crisis

Zimbabwe's growing economic crisis, which has sent consumer prices spiraling upward and created shortages of everything from gasoline to medication to fried chicken, is shaping up to be the first major test for Zimbabwe's new president, Emmerson Mnanga...
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Zimbabwe Arrests Protest Organizers as Economy Plunges

Lawyers say police in Zimbabwe arrested dozens of trade union members ahead of a planned protest in the capital Thursday over the worst economic crisis in a decade.Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said police arrested Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions...
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Zimbabwe’s Dingy Trains Mirror Economic Decline

Dark, dirty and slow, Zimbabwe's trains, like much else in the impoverished southern African country, have seen better days.Once the preferred mode of transport for most Zimbabweans, the state-run rail service mirrors the decline in the country's econo...
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