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Moscow sends mixed signals on Ukraine aid

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his government this week to honour a US$15 billion bailout deal for Ukraine, but a minister suggested the make-up of a new government in Kiev will determine how quickly the vital aid is dispatched.The post Mosco...
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Why Zuma changed tack on Zim

SOUTH Africa has the potential and the desire to lead in Africa. It has an economy far larger than any in Southern Africa and an advanced and powerful military.The post Why Zuma changed tack on Zim appeared first on The Zimbabwe Independent.
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Post-Morsi curfew hurts Egyptian economy

SECURITY measures in Egypt, imposed after the violent crackdown on supporters of the ousted President Mohammed Morsi in August, are hurting business, especially in the capital, Cairo.The post Post-Morsi curfew hurts Egyptian economy appeared first on T...
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