China Donates Over 4,000 Tonnes Of Rice To South Sudan


JUBA– The Chinese Embassy in South Sudan donated more than 4,000 tonnes of rice, as emergency food assistance, to the flood-affected states in the country, as of yesterday.

Juba is one of the most affected regions by natural disasters. Manase Lomole, the chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, said, the contribution shows Beijing’s continued support to the people of the world’s newest nation.

He pointed out that, South Sudan has, since last year, been affected by heavy floods in more than six decades, where more than 800,000 people were affected by flooding in eight of its 10 states, noting that, 11 million other people are still facing food insecurity.

“Humanitarian aid alone cannot adjust food insecurity. Instead, we should tackle the root causes by reducing poverty and developing the agricultural sector,” he added, noting that, China is in solidarity with the government and people of South Sudan.

Lomole thanked China for the donation and contribution to both health and humanitarian services in the country.

“China has not only stood in supporting South Sudan in humanitarian services, but also in the health sector,” Lomole added.

Hua Ning, Chinese ambassador to South Sudan said, during the handing-over ceremony, held on Wednesday, that, some Chinese companies also extended their helping hands to the emergency response.

“It is a long-cherished tradition that we always come together through thick and thin. We also appreciate the support from other members of the international community, who have contributed their resources,” Hua added.

He said that China will continue to support the infrastructure development in South Sudan, and expand trade and investment between China and South Sudan, for the economic recovery and growth in the country.

“We are honoured to donate this relief through solidarity, to the flood-affected states in South Sudan, since South Sudan is one of the most affected countries with natural disasters in the African continent,” Hua said.

Last month, the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan also donated 500,000 U.S. dollars in cash, as part of emergency humanitarian aid, to the flood-affected people in South Sudan.


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