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A Ghanain mayor who recently visited the Matabeleland South capital on an exchange programme says he was sceptical about visiting Zimbabwe due to the negative publicity the country has been getting over the years.

Samuel Fleischer-Kwabi of Suhum municipal assembly said foreign media projected the country as an unsafe destination but he realised that was false when he arrived here.

“You are a very wonderful country but it is not being portrayed as such by the outside world. I think that we need to do a lot to project the image of this country,” said Kwabi.

“Indeed when l was coming here l was wondering what kind of people we’re going to meet, the situation and whether we could walk across the streets alone but it’s wonderful what we’re seeing here.”

Kwabi said they were impressed with the reception they received.

“The way the people behave generally is second to none, everybody shows a lot of respect not only to us as visitors but to their fellow countrymen,” Kwabi said.

He said they will return to Ghana and correct the falsehoods being spread about Zimbabwe.

Kwabi was speakingg at a farewell party hosted for him and his three subordinates by Gwanda town mayor Knowledge Ndlovu.

The mayor and his team were on a week-long visit to the Matabeleland South provincial capital to conduct an International Peer Review (IPR) exercise under the Strenghthening Transnational Partnerships and Networks for Enhancing Local Governance Project (Strap), funded by the European Union.

Under Strap, the two municipalities share knowledge and seek to learn from each other’s experiences on issues also to do with enhancement of service delivery.

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