CNCI presents its promotional programme in Tunisian pavilion at Cannes Film Festival

Tunis: A meeting to pay tribute to southern cinema and promotional activities for Tunisia as a filming location for foreign films have been organised at the Tunisian pavilion in the Pantiaro international village, on the fringes of the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which runs from May 14 to 25. In a press release issued on Wednesday, the National Centre of Cinema and Image (CNCI) announced that a meeting on southern cinema had been organised to coincide with the screening of the restored version of the film 'Camp de Thiaroye' by Ousmane Sembene and Thierno Faty Sow, selected in the Cannes Cassis section of the 77th Cannes Film Festival. The meeting, held in the Tunisian pavilion, was attended by several producers and directors from various African countries, according to the centre. The CNCI also presented "a promotional activity on the theme of Tunisia as a filming location, organised at the Tunisian pavilion in Cannes in the presence of mythical characters from the film "Star Wars", the first episode of which was shot in Tunisia". Organised in partnership with the Ciné Trip Tunisia initiative, this promotional event featured a presentation of Tunisia's main filming locations and an introduction to the history of Tunisian cinema and its contribution to some of the world's most famous films. Launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts in partnership with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Ciné Trip Tunisia initiative aims to raise awareness of the locations of famous international films in order to promote cultural tourism. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

‘The Legend Of Aku Sika’: National Theatre honours Prof. Martin Owusu with stage play next month

The National Theatre and its resident theater groups will, next month, stage another captivating production titled the 'The Legend of Aku Sika'. The play was written by Professor Martin Owusu, a renowned Ghanaian playwright, actor and a director, and will be directed by actress and media personality, Naa Ashorkor. Naa Ashorkor, also the CEO of April Production, makes her debut in theatre directing with the well-crafted stage play, and will be assisted by George Quaye, CEO of image Bureau. It will show at the National Theatre on June 1st and 2nd, and repeated on June 8th and 9th, 2024, at 4pm and 7pm, each day. 'The Legend of Aku Sika' highlights social norms and beliefs of a society and juxtaposes them with the influence of 'destiny and fate which remain unknown to man', the hosts said in a press statement. Transposed from an old folktale, 'The Legend of Aku Sika' recounts the plight of a young woman, Aku, suffering a hand deformity caused during her childhood by a trap which was set for animals in the b ush but went off accidentally. According to the narrative, Aku, grew into a brilliant young lady with an extraordinary beauty but manages to conceal her deformity from public view because society treated the physically challenged as 'inferior' and did not allow persons with deformity to 'have anything to do with royalty'. 'In her low self-esteem, Aku lives a very humble, respectful, and dutiful life.' Her stunning beauty eventually attracts the King of her town who takes her as a wife. As her reaction to rivalry and evil accusation of the King's senior-most wife, she attempts to end her life to avoid 'imminent disgrace'. 'On the banks of a river, where she planned to die by suicide, a river spirit appeared and gave Aku a clue on how to solve her problem and advises her to keep it a secret and reveal it only on the day of her trial.' 'The dreaded day comes for Aku to expose her deformity but lo and behold, her abnormal arm is rather decorated with gold.' The king's senior-most wife is found guilty of evil machination and sentenced accordingly. The play will be performed by the National Dance company, National Drama company and the National Symphony Orchestra in partnership with Image Bureau and April communications, along with other guests artistes. Source: Ghana News Agency

AfroBeach Festival to provide lifetime experience for revelers in December

Revelers inspired by enthralling outdoor music, culture and art events should look out for the maiden AfroBeach Festival, scheduled for December this year. The celebration, to be hosted at the Laboma Beach Resort in Accra, is described as 'a celebration of African music, culture and entertainment,' which will attract an overwhelming number of guests home and abroad. Part one of the show, according to organisers, will take place from December 27 to 29, 2024, after which there will be an extension from December 31, 2024 to January 1, 2025. In addition to a line-up of packed activities, the event aims to raise awareness about 'environmental sustainability' and the importance of preserving aquatic life and livelihoods along the coast. The celebration will spice up the variety of end-of-year carnivals in December and provide opportunities for local and international brands. It will again promote the country's rich cultural diversity, 'unite communities through music and art, and advocate for sustainable pract ices to address the challenge of climate change.' Speaking at the launch on Saturday, Mr Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana, Media Personality, Tourism and Hospitality Entrepreneur, said the show aimed to become 'the biggest' beach and tourism event in Ghana and beyond. Highlighting the importance of promoting tourism destinations, he said the rich history and cultural attractions along the country's coasts 'are worth celebrating' with events such as the AfroBeach Festival. Abeiku Santana noted that marine life was threatened by human activities and climate change, hence the effort by organisers of the show to form stronger partnerships and create 'sustainable projects' in line with Goal 13 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 'Life along the coast coupled with sustainable practices are worth bringing to the limelight to show their potential for investment and ultimate development through tourism-led initiatives…We all, therefore, have a role to play in the promotion and further developm ent of the coastal areas of Ghana, Africa and the world,' he said. The tourism ambassador described Laboma Beach as one of the 'safest places' to visit, adding that the AfroBeach Festival would provide 'a Christmas and New Year experience' for participants. 'La has a lot to offer…it has been the best destination that treats our tourists to the prestigious beaches in Accra, therefore, to have a five-day event, back-to-back, in December at Laboma Beach Resort is [refreshing]', he stated. Ms Rita Naa Odoley Sowah, Member of Parliament for La Dade Kotopon Constituency, pledged support for the festival and urged individuals and businesses to come on board. Chief Superintendent Emmanuel Odonkor Baah, Kpeshie Divisional Police Commander, also said the police and other security agencies would adopt the 'best strategies' to protect merrymakers at the festival. Source: Ghana News Agency

‘I was pressured to sue Wendy Shay over ‘Africa Money’ sampling’ – Barima Sidney

Following the release of her track "Africa Money," Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay found herself at the center of a potential legal dispute as many bloggers began urging Barima Sidney to take legal action against her for sampling his song. However, in a recent interview on Cape Coast-based Property FM, Sidney addressed why he chose not to pursue legal action against Wendy Shay for the alleged sampling of his song "Africa Money." "I've refrained from commenting on the issue of Wendy Shay sampling 'Africa Money' because I don't perceive it as her sampling my song," he stated. "Certain bloggers attempted to sow discord between us, but I don't see any resemblance between her work and mine. After all, I'm not the originator of the terms 'Africa' or 'money.'" He elaborated, "If I've used the phrase 'Africa money' and she has also incorporated it into her work, it's perfectly acceptable. Therefore, I didn't see any cause for concern. However, it was the bloggers who insinuated that I was planning to take legal act ion against Wendy Shay. I haven't made any such statement." Sidney emphasized that the words artistes usually employ in their songs are not of their creation and there's a finite pool of vocabulary to draw from, adding that, "Whatever I express today may have been articulated by someone else before." He continued, "I didn't perceive any wrongdoing, and I considered it a normal occurrence. My only grievance arose when bloggers began fabricating stories to pit me against Wendy Shay in order to elicit a response from her, for reasons unknown to me." "I will never assert that Wendy Shay sampled my song merely because she used the words 'Africa' and 'money.' I didn't coin those terms, so if someone combines them to create something new, there's no issue," he concluded. Source: Ghana Web

Tee Tonie drops a new banger ‘Money’

Ghanaian sensation and Belgium-based artist Tee Tonie has released a brand new single titled "MONEY," in his quest to use music as a means to change lives and encourage people to work diligently towards their goals. Known by his stage name 'Tee Tonie,' Anthony Kwasi Essien is a Ghanaian singer/songwriter and hip-hop recording artist. He was born in Takoradi, a city in the Western Region of Ghana. He is a family man and is currently balancing his music career with business ventures in Europe. Tee Tonie developed a passion for hip-hop music at a young age during his days at Ackosa Senior High School, where he had the opportunity to hone his craft by performing at entertainment events and other school functions. He began his journey with hip-hop but later discovered his versatility as a singer due to his ability to adapt to different genres within a single song. After high school, Tee Tonie seized the opportunity to travel to Europe, specifically Belgium, to seek better prospects and further his music caree r. While in Europe, he joined music groups and produced several singles and tracks, some of which he created independently. Tee Tonie was also part of some groups in Ghana, collaborating on songs each time he visited. To date, he has released five albums, each featuring a multitude of songs. His latest single "MONEY" is available on all streaming platforms. In 2023, Tee Tonie decided to rebrand and restart his music career, which had experienced a downturn due to decisions made by his then-manager that did not align with his personal growth and interests. Following his rebranding, Tee Tonie collaborated with Boggy Wenzday on his debut single, presenting a melodious hustler's anthem titled "Last Last." In this Afrobeat track, Tee Tonie aims to motivate and inspire the youth and his audience to put forth the necessary effort and ultimately enjoy the fruits of their labour. "Last Last" highlights the significance of hard work in achieving the rewards one deserves. This timeless tune was masterfully produc ed by the renowned beatmaker, His Excellency Presdoes Beatz. With his remarkable talent and stage presence, Tee Tonie has had the privilege of sharing prestigious stages in Europe with artists like Tic Tac, Obrafour, and others as a supporting act. Tee Tonie aspires to collaborate with artists such as Lasmid, King Paluta, Mr. Drew, and Sista Efia, with a special anticipation for a future collaboration with King Paluta. Tee Tonie is poised to gain recognition for producing captivating melodies, leaving his fans and listeners eager for more, all with the support of his new road manager, Prince Asare, also known as Taste News. Source: Ghana Web