“Djerba Cult” meeting starts in conjunction with pilgrimage to El Ghriba in Djerba

The "Djerba Cult" meeting, organised by the Heritage Laboratory of the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities of Manouba as part of its scientific and cultural activities, began on Sunday in Djerba.

The meeting, which has been taking place for ten years in conjunction with the pilgrimage to Ghriba, is a new opportunity to present to the public the results of the research and scientific work carried out by students on the history and heritage of the island of Djerba.

The Djerba Cult meeting began with a scientific symposium on the movements of the "Djerbians" outside the island, the culinary heritage of this region and the memories of the inhabitants of different ethnicities and beliefs (Muslims, Jews, Christians, Greeks).

The Djerba Cult programme includes film screenings followed by debates, in particular The History of Religious Plurality in Tunisia" by the Tunisian Association for the Support of Minorities, "The Plural Heritage of the Island of Djerba" by Zied Haddad and "The Last Journey" by Issam Saidi.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse