Ghana has a lot of untapped football talents -Coach Gökyildiz

Coach Kasim GÖKYILDIZ,?a?former Technical Director of Bechem United, has said that Ghana has a lot of untapped football talents that needs to be nurtured. Coach GÖKYILDIZ, in an interview with the GNA Sports, said there was a need for concerted efforts to support and develop these promising players into professional footballers. He urged the government and the Ghana Football Association to invest in these talented individuals by providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to unleash their full potential. He indicated that discipline and a goal-driven mindset are key attributes that need to?be instilled?in them. Coach GÖKYILDIZ, who also had a successful spell with Ashanti Gold Sporting Club and King Faisal FC, stressed the importance of passion and commitment, adding that self-improvement and dedication were essential ingredients for achieving success on the international football stage. 'With the right investment and unwavering support, Ghana's football future looks incredibly bright, showc asing the immense talent and potential lying within its borders. He expressed confidence that Ghana can reach the semi-finals of the World Cup tournament in the future if it pays attention to infrastructure development and talent nurturing. Source: Ghana News Agency