NIPDB engages business community in Kunene region

OPUWO: The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB) engaged the business community and traditional leaders in the Kunene region on the region's investment and business demographics intending to promote the region's economic development. The meeting held on Monday at Opuwo under the theme 'Unlocking Investment Opportunities for Inclusive Growth,' was aimed at specifically addressing the various challenges faced by businesses and investors, as well as working to remove the barriers impeding Namibia's economic development, such as stakeholder collaboration to deliver quantifiable economic outcomes. During the engagement, NIPDB's Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nangula Uaandja, challenged the region to explore and capitalise on existing and new business and investment prospects in the region, thus contributing to government growth through increased local exports. 'We should increase our local exports and exchange them in foreign currencies to support the government's growth, an d Kunene should also discover local capabilities that will help Namibia develop. We need more Namibian companies and we exist to create investment opportunities by building trust. We need to help Namibia's government achieve Vision 2023 so that the country can grow through exports,' she said. Looking at Kunene's business prospects that extend to the Atlantic Ocean, Uaandja advised the region to leverage the Kunene coast with the burgeoning Green Hydrogen project, and the diverse raw minerals that will assist transform energy. She also called for collaborative engagement among all stakeholders to discover investment opportunities rather than relying on the government, as this will encourage regional development. Furthermore, Uaandja encouraged traditional authorities to negotiate land transactions in good faith with potential investors, emphasising that these arrangements should benefit communities rather than individuals. Kunene Governor, Marius Sheya, while echoing Uaandja's statement, appealed for fair opportunities for all and a collaborative approach to business growth to improve the Kunene region through value chains. According to Sheya, Kunene has immense economic potential; but, infighting among traditional leaders is hampering progress. 'Let us put an end to these internal conflicts and grow the region as a whole. Let us work together, for the common goal of the region,' Sheya stated. Source: The Namibia Press Agency