Ruling party leader stresses reconciliation role

The leader of the ruling MPLA party João Lourenço has called for the promotion of a sincere and genuine spirit of reconciliation in behavior and attitudes of every citizen and every political party.

The call was made at the opening ceremony of the Fourth Ordinary Session of the party’s Central Committee, held Tuesday at Luanda’s Belas Conference Center.

Delivering his speech, the leader reiterated MPLA´s commitment to continue fighting for the consolidation of achievements based on independence, peace and national reconciliation.

Also head of the Angolan State, João Lourenço pointed to the implementation of public policies based on the party’s pledge made during the last election, which ensures the sustainable economic development and the well-being of the Angolan people.

He slammed some opposition parties, which never voted in the favour of the State Budget, the instrument aimed to implement the development programmes, such as the construction of the roads, ports, airports, railways, schools, universities, hospitals, water and energy production and distribution plants, as well as social housing.

João Lourenço added that the State Budget allows the employment of the new staff, the payment of salaries and subsidies and also other workers´ rights.

The ruling party leader also accused some parties that try simulating being strong advocate of public interests, while in practice, they do the contrary, they fail to vote in favour of State Budget during 31 years, not even accept election results.

“However, he said, it is fair to recognise that in Parliament there are political parties that over the years have taken a serious, responsible, and patriotic stance”.

The Government has been working on increase the jobs, housing, educational facilities of all levels, hospital units, sports infrastructure, professional training for young people, encouraging them to become entrepreneurs.

“The public tender, underway since 2019, to hire the professionals for health and education sectors are designed for the Angolans in general, but especially our young people”, concluded João Lourenço.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)