Special Economic Zone to attract partners for dairy production

The Special Economic Zone (ZEE) intends to attract investors for milk production and its derivatives, its CEO, Manuel Pedro said Tuesday in Luanda.

Manuel Pedro made the statements at the end of a meeting with Uganda's Foreign Affairs Minister, Henry Okello, adding that the country has great potential in agriculture and livestock.

However, the Special Economic Zone will take advantage of the meeting to set up partnerships in this area, the manager stressed.

Manuel Pedro said the goal is to work with Uganda to invest in the dairy industry, in view of its enormous potential in animal husbandry and milk production.

Manuel Pedro said that Angola can import raw material from Uganda to feed the existing industries in the economic zone, such as of sausages and meat.

The ZEE’s CEO explained that Uganda also has an economic zone and that its Foreign Affairs Minister is interested in making the connection between the two industrial zones for greater exchange of experiences.

The Ugandan Foreign Affairs Minister conducted a guided tour to ZEE to learn of the functioning of this industrial zone, which has over 5,000 hectares and over 157 industries.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)