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Zimbabwe Online Classifieds Advertising Websites – By ZimMarket – Click-Find Pvt Ltd Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Online Classifieds Advertising – By ZimMarket ZimMarket Classifieds and Zimbabwe-Classifieds are Zimbabwe’s most visited and most popular Online Classifieds Advertisement Websites which are wholly owned and operated by Click-Find Pvt Ltd Zimbabwe. These websites are in the business of providing advertisement space to Companies of all sizes, Governmental, Non Governmental organizations, individuals and the [...]
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STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD – By ZimMarket – ZimClassifieds | Zimbabwe Classifieds

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD In this highly technological era that we find ourselves, Corporate Online advertising executives aim at their respective target markets to enable companies to yield optimum results from their deliberate and sustained marketing campaigns. Online Classifieds advertising has universally become the vital cornerstone of every Company’s Marketing Mix. As we all [...]
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ICT – Information Technology Daily News Updates – By the Hour | Zimbabwe Technology Information Magazine – ZimTechInfo

Stay up-to-date with cutting-edge technology trends. Your ultimate resource is ZimTechInfo ZimTechInfo – Zimbabwe Information Communication Technology News Magazine Zimtechinfo – Officially launched on July 1st 2012 the website provides vital news to technology-hungry Zimbabweans with a fully-fledged Technology News Online Magazine that is tailored mainly for local consumption but also possess a regional and [...]
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Zimbabwe Technology Information magazine – ZimTechInfo

Zimbabwe Technology Information magazine -ZimTechInfo – Zimbabwe and Africa’s most famous, most popular , comprehensive and most informative, most educative and most entertaining Information Communication Technology (ICT) magazine. This technology website aggregates breaking technology news for Zimbabwe, SADC region, and Africa as a whole as well as international news and information on the latest technological [...]
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