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Geneva (Rep. Office)

100 Electric Vehicles "stamp" #1o5C at UN Gates for Climate Change Action!

“There is no reason why every car cannot already be electric, zero emissions and renewably powered,” says Louis Palmer, founder of the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE). “Electric vehicles are here, they are here to stay, they’re fun, attractive and the obvious choice. They are the future.”

Louis, along with 75 teams from 13 nations, and supported by the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), entered the finishing phase of a 1,300km traverse from Bremerhaven, Germany on Friday. Sitting behind the wheel of a 100% electric vehicle rally, he had one simple objective: zero emissions for 1.5 degrees.

Now in its 7th year, WAVE Trophy is the largest e-vehicle rally in the world. Conceptualized in the years following two successful round-the-world trips in a solar vehicle, Louis carried forward his enthusiasm and optimism for a brighter future; tackling climate change one electric vehicle rally at a time.

Now an annual event, in 2016 the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) supported WAVE in raising awareness of the #1o5C campaign, an effort to encourage #ZeroEmissions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees; as was agreed during the Paris Agreement one year earlier.

The CVF formed in 2009, and supported by UNDP works to tackle global climate change through collaboration on common goals, communications and the sharing of expertise and experience. It now represents one billion people highly at risk to heat waves, flooding, storms and other weather-related disasters across 43 member states.

On the afternoon of the second last day of their 8-day journey, 100 cars drove upon the Place des Nations in Geneva, stamping #1o5C for all to see. With support from CVF and UNDP (UNEP, CleanTech21, CARE International, UNOSSC, WACAP and CAN), each car was carefully parked in formation for the drone above. As the crowd ‘waved’ in unison, the unified call for zero emissions was echoed for all to see and hear.

With the severity of natural disasters increasing as the planet warms, and the lives of those in the most vulnerable locations threatened; CVF and WAVE unite to remind us all of the way in which we are all able to contribute to a zero emission agenda and a brighter future.

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