Tema MCE hosts the Mayor of Aarhus, Denmark, to strengthen partnership

Mr. Yohane Amarh Ashietey, Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, has hosted Mr. Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor of Aarhus, Denmark, to strengthen partnership to improve water delivery in Tema. Speaking in an interview with Ghana News Agency, Mr. Ashietey acknowledged the Mayor of Aarhus, Denmark, and his team for the first phase of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between GWCL and the City of Aarhus in Denmark for a project to improve water delivery and wastewater treatment in Tema. Thus, the objective of the partnership with the City of Aarhus is to achieve sustainable water delivery systems for residents within the Metropolis, with the theme 'Celebration of our Friendship for Development: in the Centre of the World,' Tema. 'I believe that before phase two is completed, Tema will change to the planned city it used to be,' he said. Mr. Jacob Bundsguard, Mayor of Aarhus, stated that having a cooperation would help bring two cities together, that is, Tema and the City of Aarhus, of which there is progress and is now able to move into phase two of the MoU to continue with the projects and the opportunity to show how far they can bring the cooperation and the partnership. He said that the partnership also entailed the change it would bring to the people of both cities by providing their professionals to work with Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) in the years ahead; therefore, they are ready to sign the MoU in the next phase to strengthen their partnership. Mr. Tom Norring, Ambassador of Denmark to Ghana, said the cooperation between Tema and the City of Denmark about three years on, despite the COVID periods, had been significant and a genuine partnership. Mr. Amidu Musah, Regional Director of GWCL, Tema, also reiterated that during the construction of wastewater drainage at Ccommunity 3, his team faced challenges. The MCE, in collaboration with the Mayor of Aarhus and his team, toured the Chemu Lagoon to observe its current stage and also the Bankuman Sewer Network, of which the team from the Tema Metropolitan Assembly presented to him the plan on how the sewer network operates and the ability to detect default from any customers sewage subscribed to the sewer network for immediate maintenance. Not withstanding, the team also toured the Tema Community One Market, Site 2, to check the delivery of water supply in both communities within the Metropolis.

Source: Ghana News Agency