Uganda: In 2022, international tourist arrivals up by 59%

In 2022, foreign tourist arrivals in Uganda reached 814,508, an increase of 59% compared to 2021. The information was revealed on Wednesday 29 March 2023 by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities. It indicates that tourism receipts reached about 717.7 million dollars during the period under review. Africa is the main source of these arrivals at 87.8%, ahead of Asia and Europe.

As a reminder, before the health crisis, the tourism sector represented about 10% of the country’s GDP. In 2019, the country received 1.5 million tourists. In 2020, the number of foreign visitors fell to 473,000, due to health restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, before starting to rise again little by little since 2021.

Source: Africa News Agency