Zimbabwe: 85 Percent Increase in Veld Fire Incidences


The 2021 fire season has destroyed a total 408 366.7 hectares of land representing an 84.97% increase during the same period in 2020 when 220 778.79 hectares were burnt from the recorded 395 veld fire incidences.

The veld fire season which spans from the 31st of July to the 31st of October is a period when biomass is dry and windy, providing a conducive foundation for wild, uncontrolled and runaway fires which are destructive to the environment, life, property and agricultural produce.

In a statement, the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) reported that the veld fires which have destroyed agricultural produce, equipment, household property and plantations worth US$ 187 167.00 were distributed as follows;

"Resettlements 61.82%, communal lands 7.13%, Forest 7.97%, Safari 7.88 %, Small scale farms 7.05 %, Model A and D 5.56%, National Parks 1.94%, Urban Area 0.26%, Recreational parks 0.12% and other land 0.26%.

Source: Africa Focus

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