Zimbabwe: Teachers Incensed By Primary and Secondary Education Permanent Secretary Remarks


Ministry of Primary of Primary and Secondary Education permanent secretary, Tumisang Thabela has angered teachers by encouraging them to borrow money in order to travel to their workstations.

During Tuesday's Post-Cabinet media briefing, Thabela sparked controversy after remarking that she hoped teachers who were yet to report for duty would have borrowed enough money to go back to work by the end of the week.

Education Union of Zimbabwe Secretary general Tapedza Zhou said as a union they take the permanent secretary's remarks seriously.

"It confirms what we have always said that we have negligent bosses who are sleeping at work all along. Instead of being empathetic and help the education sector out of the crises, they enjoy the pain and suffering of the teacher," said Zhou.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) Mutoko district representative Wellington Gweshe also castigated Thabela saying their employer had no heart for teachers.

"The statement from the permanent secretary must open our eyes. If you have the kids and work at heart, bear in mind that your employer doesn't have you at heart. If we don't unite and fight this we will rot in this ministry and die poor," said Gweshe.

A teacher based in Mashonaland East province who declined to be named warned Thabela to never address teachers again.

"Somehow this must serve as a reality check for us (teachers) because ironically she is mocking our stupidity. What are we doing at workstations? What message are we sending?" said an unnamed female teacher.

Honour Ndarukwa, a teacher stationed in Mutoko district had no kind words for Thabela over her 'wreckless' remarks.

"We are in an imbroglio situation induced by reckless politicians. The current Zimbabwean education scenario is like vessel without a compass sailing along a million-kilometre stretch."

Source: Africa Focus

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