Guidelines on Implementation of a Coastal Inundation Forecasting-Early Warning System (2022 Edition)

New WMO Guidelines on the Implementation of a Coastal Inundation Forecasting Early Warning System offer solid and practical advice for countries, donors and experts seeking to set up early warning systems against an increasing hazard. The guidelines are a contribution to the UN Early Warnings for All initiative and reflect the high priority needs of small island developing States […]


Amid New Allegations of Atrocities in Ukraine Regions Returned to Government Control, Political Affairs Chief Tells Security Council Accountability Remains Crucial

SC/15074 9161ST MEETING (PM) Delegates Condemn Iran’s Alleged Transfer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Russian Federation, as Speaker for Kyiv Requests Scaled Up Aid, Protection Accountability remains crucial as new allegations of atrocities have emerged in areas recently returned to Ukrainian Government control, a United Nations senior official told the Security Council today as members […]


Seven G20 Countries Called For Distribution Of Pharmaceutical Research, Manufacture Centres To Countries In Southern Hemisphere

Seven countries from the Group of 20 (G20), sought to collaborate in distributing pharmaceutical research centres and manufacturers to poor countries in the southern hemisphere, Indonesian Health Ministry’s spokesperson, Siti Nadia Tarmizi said, yesterday. Argentina, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkiye and South Africa, agreed to bring up the plan to the 2nd Health Ministers […]

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132ème Foire de Canton : des machines et du matériel pour soutenir le développement de l’infrastructure

GUANGZHOU, Chine, 22 octobre 2022 /PRNewswire/ — La 132ème Foire d’importation et d’exportation de Chine, aussi connue sous le nom de Foire de Canton, met en valeur une vaste gamme de machines, de matériel et d’outils provenant de grandes entreprises chinoises dans son exposition virtuelle qui a débuté le 15 octobre. Cette exposition a rassemblé environ […]