South Africa’s Coal Energy Sector Under Mounting Pressure


Coal provides more than 75% of South Africa’s energy supply, but in the wake of global warming, pressure is mounting for that to change. Protests were seen across the country last week and now a proposed Chinese-backed coal power plant may be scrapped.

It’s what keeps the lights on and industries running.

But South Africa’s coal energy sector is facing mounting pressure at home and abroad to end its use of coal for good.

Frustrated with regular blackouts and the effects of pollution, citizens of the mineral-rich country rallied last week, demanding cleaner, more reliable and affordable alternatives.

Urika Pais was among the protesters from Soweto.

“Electricity has always been a problem in our community. So, community members went forward and they fought for electricity. But when the electricity came, it came at a very high price. We know that solar power is a better solution and it will be cheaper,” said Pais.

Source: Voice of America

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