‘Emerging Public Leaders’ celebrates five years of nurturing public sector leaders

Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) of Ghana, an organisation committed to empowering the next generation of civil service professionals has commemorated five years of nurturing competent and change leaders across Ghana. With a vision of helping to drive Ghana's development by creating a new generation, mostly the youth in public service committed to making a social impact from the bottom up approach, EPL continuous growth and impact has been guided by a shared vision for a better Ghana. EPL has trained and sent five cohorts of dynamic young men and women from the ages of 18 to 35 and has been contributing their quota in various ministries, agencies and departments whilst exhibiting strong work ethics. Madam Juliet Amoah, Country Director, in her address said, the organisation had developed the youth into formidable and astute young public servants, adding that the five-year anniversary celebration was not just to look back at what had been achieved but to look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead. 'It is a bout recognizing that our journey is one of continuous growth and impact. And let's remember that our work is not done. We are here to work for the improvement of the Ghanaian public, we are here to see Ghanaian leadership thrive and become more responsive,' she said. Madam Amoah said all the beneficiaries had gradually grown into their change leaders and had been occupied spaces that ordinarily by themselves they wouldn't be able to enter into while bringing new dimensions of work and productivity. Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, the Country Director said: 'In the next decade we would be able to see younger people who are in influential positions within the ministries, public service organisations helping the agencies.That is what we would like to see and that is the kind of impact we have started to see.' Madam Charity Binka, Executive Director, Women, Media and Change (Womec), commended EPL for the transformational leadership training given to the younger generation and the focus to ma ke the civil society a better place. 'We want to have people who can move us to the next level, where all these issues about corruption, incompetence will be behind us because Africa, and for that matter, Ghana is rich in resources. What we need is people who are willing to serve,' she said Ms Irene Osei-Owusu a budget analyst at the Ministry of Finance and member of the EPL first cohort, said: 'I started EPL five years ago after my national service and my second year as a civil servant. It's been life changing. I was very weak and not confident at all. EPL programmes reset my mind and I know I'm making impact in my office'. The five years anniversary comes with other activities including health walk, a recruitment and partnerships development tour and a fund raising gala amongst others

Source: Ghana News Agency