Bui Power Authority provides over GHC400,000 support to yam, groundnut farmers

The Bui Power Authority (BPA), managers of the Bui Generating Station in the Banda District, Bono Region, has provided financial assistance totaling GHC442,480 to yam and groundnut farmers around the dam's enclave to engage in commercial farming. The financial support is in line with the implementation of the Phase Two of the Authority's flagship Livelihood Enhancement Programme (LEP), which commenced in 2019. About 160 farmers of the Bui Dam Project Affected Persons (PAPs), residing at the Resettlement Community within the dam's enclave, benefited from the package to enhance their socio-economic livelihoods. Mr Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, the Chief Executive Officer, BPA, stressed the Authority's readiness and commitment to improving the socio-economic livelihoods of the locals by helping to alleviate their plight. He said agriculture remained a lucrative enterprise and, therefore, advised the groundnut and yam farmers to take their work seriously, while the Authority assisted to maintain and expand their farms . They must also remain disciplined and work hard to be self-reliant and prosperous, he said. Mr Eric Acheampong, the Deputy Director, Human and Natural Resource, BPA, said the implementation of the LEP Phase One encountered certain challenges, which led the authority to suspend it and undertake some assessments to tackle those challenges in the interest of the PAPs. So far, phases One and Two had impacted about 660 PAPs out of the targeted 816, he said, and that the Authority was on course to improving the socio-economic livelihoods of the locals. Giving a brief background of the LEP II, Mr Ahceampong said the Authority constituted the?eligible PAPs into groups as either 'standalones or service providers' and adequately resourced with tools as well as personal protective equipment to operate as independent entities. With the Bui enclave being a predominantly farming area, the Authority constituted the Agricultural Modernization Module, also known as the BPA LEP 2 Irrigation Farming Module, to strategica lly invest in the farming exploits of the PAPs. Nana Kwadwo Wuo II, the Chief of Bui, acknowledged the commitment of the BPA towards improving health, education and sports and enhance the socio-economic lives of the people. He said though the residents were living comfortably, it was still imperative for the Authority to do more to ensure that all the unemployed youth got something to do to better their lot. Mr Maxwell Gbadagbo, a yam farmer, and the spokesman for the beneficiaries, commended the BPA for the support and encouraged the farmers to invest the money in their farms to improve their income. Madam Judith Nsiah, a groundnut farmer, also appealed to the Authority to assist in getting ready market and good prices for their produce. Source: Ghana News Agency

Sonia Dahmani’s arrest: UGTT expresses full solidarity with Tunisian lawyer profession

Tunis: The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) issued a statement Sunday, expressing its full solidarity with the Tunisian lawyer profession and its structures following the execution of an arrest warrant against Sonia Dahmani at the Lawyers' House in Tunis on Saturday evening. "Following the storming of the lawyers' house by the civil security forces and the arrest of lawyer Sonia Dahmani on the pretext of carrying out orders from the public prosecutor's office and the assault on a number of lawyers and journalists," the UGTT national executive committee condemned in 'the strongest possible terms this flagrant and unprecedented attack on the legal profession." The UGTT reaffirmed its support for the lawyers' association and its structures in all the forms of struggle they intend to undertake, and stressed the need to 'bring to justice those responsible for and perpetrators of this attack'. The union called on all components of civil society to "condemn this attack on the Bar Association, which has been a nd continues to be in the vanguard of the defence of rights and freedoms, the fight against authoritarianism, the redress of injustices and the defence of trade unionists in their ordeals". The UGTT pointed to rising attempts to "stifle public and private freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and international covenants and demands that this be remedied", according to the press release. Spokesperson for the Tunis Court of First Instance, Mohamed Zitouna, had told TAP the arrest warrant issued by the first investigating judge of the Tunis Court of First Instance against Sonia Dahmani was executed on Saturday evening. Zitouna pointed out that the public prosecutor's office had instructed the security officers to execute the warrant in order to ensure the proper application of the law and the effectiveness of the ongoing investigations, and confirmed that it had insisted on "compliance with all legal procedures". Zitouna stressed that the charges against Dahmani have nothing to do with the practice of law. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Kenyan Athletes dominate Varna Marathon, Bulgaria’s Nikolay Kaufman, Marinela Nineva make top three

Kenyan athletes dominated the classic 42-km course at the Varna marathon on Sunday. Shadrack Kimaiyo took victory, scoring 2:24.02 hrs in the men's event, ?nd in the women's event, Sheila Chebet with 2:40.35 hrs. Second came Kennedy Rono (Kenya) with 2:24.20 hrs, and third Nikolay Kaufman (Bulgaria) with 2:38.12 hrs. Ruth Mbatha from Kenya came second in the women's marathon with 2:40.16 hrs. Last year's winner, Bulgarian athlete Marinela Nineva, finished third with 2:49.29 hrs. A total of 179 athletes started in the classic marathon event. The winner receives a prize of EUR 1,500, and the runners-up EUR 1,000 and EUR 500 respectively. Some 418 contestants entered the half marathon and 532 the 10.5 course. In total, 1,200 entrants from 33 countries took part in the marathon. Mohamed Chaaboud from Morocco won the half marathon among men with 1:07.50 hrs, and among women Valeria Dimitrova with 1:33.13 hrs. The youngest contestant was 9-year old Dimiter Georgiev, and the oldest - 77-year old Remzi Narli f rom Turkiye. Both took part in the 10.5 km course. Source: Ghana News Agency

Three people killed and two seriously injured in road accident in Kasserine

Kasserine: Three people, two men and a woman, died on Sunday in a road accident on the road linking the town of Kasserine to Tlabet (Feriana delegation), said regional health director of Kasserine, Abdelghani Chaabani. Two other people injured in the accident were taken to Badreddine Aloui regional hospital in Kasserine, Chaabani told TAP, adding that they are in critical condition. According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred when a light car carrying 5 people skidded off the national road number 38. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Agri-Impact celebrates Mother’s Day, extolls their role in agriculture

Agri-Impact Limited, the leading agribusiness firm in Ghana, has extolled women for the important role they play in agriculture development in Ghana. The Firm said women were the backbone of agriculture in the country and required all support to develop and feed the nation. A report on Ghana by the Food and Agriculture Organization, said about 52 per cent of Ghana's labour force was engaged in agriculture and about 39 per cent of farm labour force was women. Despite women's active role in agricultural sector, they still faced significant barriers in accessing and controlling vital agricultural resources such as land, which did not only hamper their productivity but also undermined the progress of the local communities. Mrs Julie Asante-Dartey, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Agri-impact Limited, said the real potential of female farmers in contributing to agricultural sector was much larger if they had access to resources and support. She said women played a vital role in agriculture and agribusi ness, contributing not only to food security but national economic development. 'On Mother's Day, we salute their effort and dedication', she added. She said even in the 21st century, obstacles women encountered in their quest to be productive members of society remained high and as a Nation, there was a need to be increasingly intentional in opening up opportunities to make investments to enable them realise their full potential. Mrs Asante-Dartey said in harnessing the full potential of women for food security and economic development, the Mastercard Foundation in partnership with Agri-Impact had rolled out an ambitious programme to provide dignified and filling jobs opportunities for over 230,000 young women in Ghana focusing on Rice, Soya, Tomatoes and Poultry Value Chains. She called on industrious young women to come on board and make a difference in production, processing, marketing and service provision to impact on self, community and national growth. She emphasised the need to prioritise women, bridging the gender gap, encouraging men to support women in every way possible and break down the barriers that hinder full participation of women in agriculture. 'Women were not just a moral obligation, but a strategic means of accelerating progress and creating a more inclusive world for all', she added. The CEO said communities must provide the enabling environment for women to thrive and keep on participating in agricultural programmes such as the 'Harnessing Agricultural Productivity and Prosperity for Youth' (HAPPY) initiative. Source: Ghana News Agency